Video Gallery

Have a story to tell? Ultimately we’d like this page to include survivor stories, testimonials, and videos of encouragement for those who may need to know others have had similar experiences. Contact us if you have a video you would like to share on this page. For starters, we’ve shared our previous 13 minutes public service announcements below.

2017-2018 PSA

2016-2017 PSA

The Metro Area Suicide Prevention Coalition recently invited high school students across the Metro to participate in a video contest and submit a public service announcement (PSA) focused on messages of suicide prevention and hope. The goal of the contest was to increase suicide prevention awareness across the Metro area and let students know that there is help available.

2018 PSA Contest for Youth Suicide Prevention Winner (Libby and Aliyah)

2018 PSA Contest for Youth Suicide Prevention Entry (Dayton and LaTaija)

The Metro Area Suicide Prevention Coalition, along with The Kim Foundation and Region 6 Behavioral Healthcare, created videos to help educate parents and families on crucial topics affecting youth. The topics included: social media, bullying, depression & anxiety, suicide prevention conversation between parents & children, self-harm, and resiliency. Please view the videos for safe and effective messaging on these topics.


Depression & Anxiety

Suicide Prevention Conversation between Parent & Child